Our technology and unique production methods are our competitive advantage, so we won't reveal all of our secrets. But we want to give you some insights into the steps and processes, which we do to create a matchless product.

Our products are made from the finest quality wood - depending on the product we use European, Asian, and African hardwoods. The wood used to manufacture a bathtub for example must have the right structure and density. The wood we select has a perfect structure, moisture, and hardness due to seasoning and proper drying. The wood selection is the first and a very important step in a long workflow.

After the selection of wood, which is essential for the technical and aesthetic requirements, we focus on the structure of our products. No matter if basins, bathtubs, or buckets – a well designed structure builds the base for a long-lasting product. All wooden elements and parts of each product are carefully planned and then crafted by hand. These parts are then combined and pressed. For buckets we use stainless steel rings to keep the wooden pieces together. Many other products are being glued with a special waterproof adhesive that makes the product, such as a bathtub totally leak proof. Our products that are made like this, show high form-holding characteristics even under changing temperature and humidity conditions.

Our state-of-the-art method of wood impregnation has been developed in-house and improved over decades. In the first stage multiple layers of natural resins soak into the wood, significantly improving its overall properties. In the second step the surface is being treated with a mixture of wax and oil, which makes up the coating. Due to these steps the wood creates properties such as mould-resistance, water-resistance and resistant to dirt.

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