We craft unique bathtubs, buckets and basins made of solid wood.

Creating wooden bathtubs that are water tight has been our passion for over 35 years. Our team has refined this process over time, and now we offer a wide range of beautiful handmade baths.

Wooden buckets and barrels are traditional products that have been manufactured for thousands of years by humans. Even though buckets are nowadays made of plastic and metal, we believe that the art of a hand-made wooden bucket will never die.

As q quite recent new product, we have added wooden shower and bath trays to our portfolio. These architectural highlights outline a natural and glamorous feeling in every bathroom.

We regularly work with homeowners, designers and architects on projects across the world. Our wooden products can be found in bathrooms in Berlin, Lake Geneva, London, Qatar and on some of the world’s finest Yachts.

Some people call it a factory, but we call it passionately our "workshop". Because we don't just manufacture - we design, create and craft the world's most beautiful bathtubs.

Crafting wooden bathtubs takes more than just some wood and glue. We are proud of our own, in-house developed technology, that has been improved over decades.

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