Design Intent and Research

We discuss with the interior designer or architects the usage, design intent and overall requirements for the wooden bathtubs, or shower trays. Once we have a clear understanding of the project and product requirements, we will also do some research on our end, to finalize the preparation. Research can include the search for hardware, or accessories, as well as technical facts for installation and such

CAD design

In the second stage we issue shop drawings, with the help of computer animations. These CADs help you and us to understand how the product will look like, how it is built and what the technical specifications are.


Everyone knows that most complex things in life take time and effort. So your team will now review, evaluate and comment on this shop drawing.We then revise and you review again. We do this exercise so long until everyone with happy with the result.

Coordination of finishes

At the same time we will also coordinate with you all finishes, like the wooden color, or the finishes of accessories and hardware. This is mostly by handing in sample finishes for your review and approval.


When we have agreed on all details, it is time for the hands-on work. We will build a mock-up – it is so to say the final test before we go into mass production.

Mass production

The mock-up looked great? Then we go into bulk-production.

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